AppsInvention develops sustainable business projects based on smartphones and tablet apps. We specialize in evaluating the commercial potential of an app and in implementing successful projects – from development to marketing. We work with Apple and Android platforms and we follow through all the way to completion.


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Innovation is rethinking – and rethinking is a key ingredient in the way AppsInvention works.

The good idea and the implementation of it is actually the basis of our business philosophy. And in all modesty, we believe AppsInvention is in itself based on a good idea – namely the desire to help the many persons who have almost finished their app and are struggling to progress.

Often just a small step is missing, but too many never make that last step and the potentially brilliant idea is never materialized.


AppsInvention wants to bridge innovative projects and the real world – the market-place and the customers. It is our ambition to be the perfect match that helps creative idea creators fulfill their dreams.

The concepts we are working on are based partly on our own ideas and partly on ideas and proposals generated through open innovation on our web forum.

We also receive ideas from social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Not least, we will be using focus groups comprising students from various Danish universities to develop powerful app concepts.

For AppsInvention, no idea is too crazy. All that matters is whether the application will work in real life situations to the benefit of end-users. We know how to tell whether that will be the case – and we are happy to take a look at your project, too.

Why not get in touch and find out whether we can help you?

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