Correction for hearing loss

This app will perform an exact frequency setting of the volume of a smartphone to the benefit of hearing-impaired persons. After a short test taken in quiet surroundings, the app will create a profile of the user’s hearing and make a perfect adjustment of the volume level.

In case of a hearing loss within a certain frequency domain, the sound is amplified in the right area rather than all over the frequency band.


The algorithm in question was developed by researchers at the University of Hong Kong and was among the finalists at last year’s Asian Innovation Award.

The new software was developed by doctors, audiologists, and acoustical experts, working together to develop an app that would help slightly hearing-impaired persons without a need for a proper hearing aid.

Scalability: begin by using selected smartphones and languages

Investment need: may be done as joint-venture with the University of Hong Kong


Exit potential: to be sold to hearing aid manufacturers or to an international audiology chain


Probability for success: 10% of the Danish population suffers from reduced hearing and roughly 28% own a smartphone.

This results in a potential of 140000 customers in Denmark alone.

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